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DIY Disasters

The Washing Machine

Many sofas will have a label,  advising against putting detachable cushion covers in your washing machine and this is for good reason.

Things which can go wrong include .

1. Shrinkage which prevents the cover being placed back over the filling, or puts such a strain on the zips that they break.

2. Colour bleed/run, generally caused by using chemicals which are too alkaline.

3. Colour fading so that the cushions are a different shade to the fixed parts of the suite, usually caused by using washing chemicals which contain bleaches.

4. Delamination/bubbling usually caused by washing  fake suedes at too high a temperature.

The spot cleaner

Problems caused include.

1. Spreading the stain.

2. Water marking .

3. Removal of background colour .

4. Discolouration caused by browning .

Other problems

These include

1. Buttons rusting .

2. Sofa smelling due to over wetting .